I was trying to think of a clever title for this blog post--something about how we didn't really travel in the sense that there was an airport or a long day in the van. This past weekend we hit Athens, Chattanooga, and Atlanta. Not local, but regional? Short trip? Athchattatl? So...not quite local. I woke up in my own bed every day, but I also saw some monotonous interstate. Here we go:

Athens: Weren't we just here? Yes, but it was Stop Making Sense. This was a regular Yacht Rock show, and it sold out weeks ago, which is fun because the vibe at the Georgia Theatre is really hip. We played well, too (though goddamn I Just Wanna Stop is still kicking my ass). I had a good alto solo on Reminiscing, a song which has come back into our sets very recently, and a good flute solo on Lowdown. After however many years, my body has stopped trying to solo on flute like it's a saxophone--my embouchure would kind of fall apart during improvisations.

Set One:

Set Two:

I also purchased a cool new t shirt after the gig. Take a good look at it before it's covered in ice tea and salsa stains.

Chattanooga: Weren't we just here? Yes, but this gig was a private fundraiser in a hotel ballroom. Lots of down time between soundcheck and the first set, so I went for a long run in the rain. Other than that...I can't really think of anything. This was one of those gigs were it felt like we were the animals at the zoo, and the people on the dance floor kept banging on our cages to try and see what they could make us do. Money makes some people weird.

Venkman's: Weren't we...ok, whatever. An Unplugged show on Sunday night. I guess it was sold out? Hard to say--the cap at Venkman's is flexible.

Some entertaining moments on this gig. I had some good solos on piccolo and flute, and some good organ moments on Islands in the Stream. I am also pleased to report that I have slain the mental dragon that was ruining the intro to Sailing. Other things: the soprano sax made an appearance for Hey Nineteen and bari for Your Momma Don't Dance, and my triangle part on You Can Do Magic was not nearly as amusing as last time, I guess.

Here's the show:

No gigs this week, so check back here in two weeks, where (assuming I make it through), I'll have a recap of the Arizona-Atlanta-Austin run. Something about three A's may end being the blog title,  I bet.

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