UGA Tailgate

This was a last minute call--Yacht Rock was asked to perform at the official UGA Tailgate Party before the championship game in Atlanta Monday night. Between the weather (at one point it was supposed be 34 with snow flurries) and the potentially disastrous traffic, we were bracing for something awful--so much so that we loaded the van and trailer and had it drop us and our gear off in lieu of individually driving and parking. However, school was cancelled, everybody stayed home from work, the weather was ok, and we had no trouble at all.

This gig was a long one--three sets, and we were in a room with no windows, and it felt like it could've been noon or eight o'clock at night the whole time. By the third set, we were all a bit disoriented, but the last set was a little short, and there weren't many people left by then anyway. We loaded out onto Peachtree (waaaaaay easier than the loading dock here), and were driving away forty-five minutes after we finished.

The event staff was really cool, and we were treated very well. Painless!

Too bad the game hadn't worked out in our favor! I thought Georgia had it.

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