Dark Side/Abbey Road 2018

Yacht Rock spent the weekend in Atlanta, performing Dark Side of the Moon and Abbey Road for big crowds at Venkman's last Friday and Saturday. Joining us were Keisha and Kourtney Jackson on vocals and Rob Opitz on trumpet. Also Ricky Schroder (of Silver Spoons fame) in the audience!

We've played this show several years in a row, so bringing it back up to speed was no problem. This one was an easy weekend for me--just reading my charts off the iPad--so mostly it was a good hang as we eased back into steady gigs for the next five months.

There's not much else to say...I was better Friday than Saturday? You can watch Friday here:

Set 1 (sax solos at around 20:00 and 51:50):

Set 2 (sax solos at around 22:18 and 27:50):

Here are my charts for Dark Side of the Moon. For all those altissimo G#s, my usual fingering (1 3, 1 and side C) doesn't work because I'm blowing so hard, so I use 1 2 3 and side C and aim the pitch down a bit. Try it.

We're going to be on the road a lot this year, so be sure and check us out when we come through your town.

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