Holiday Special + Tampa

A couple of shows last weekend...the annual Yacht Rock holiday show and an out of state wedding. Let's begin again...

Friday: The big show, the Yacht Rock holiday spectacular. We played to a packed room (within a hundred or so of selling out!) at the Variety Playhouse. I had a pretty good show with the exception of a couple of sloppy moments (i.e. trying to dance, play bari sax, and read a chart on an iPad proved more difficult than it was at home). We used a horn section on about half the songs (Rob Opitz, trumpet; Bryan Lopes, tenor sax; Richard Sherrington, trombone).

Things started in a panic when I walked out on stage and found that the receiver for my wireless microphones was receiving signal. I checked all three horns--none of them were on! Quickly I moved to another frequency and synced all three of my mics.

A few songs later, Lopes' music stand came crashing down off the riser and in between my horns, throwing his music everywhere! Once again, I had to call time out and get things reset.

A little video of the evening...

Yay! The gig's over! I packed up, went home, unpacked, repacked, and went to bed.

Saturday: Up and off to the airport, headed to Tampa, Florida for a wedding. Not too shabby. The weather was mid 70s during the day (we were outside next to the water).

Overall, it was a pretty painless gig. Before the second set, however, Bencuya's Nord developed some sort of problem--no sound from the outputs! I gave him mine and we made it through to the end. All kinds of fun. I skipped the afterparty in room 907. She was too crazy.

Sunday: Fly home. I watched the end of a movie I'd started on a flight last month.

A few more public gigs before the end of the year:

Thursday, Dec 15: Yacht Rock Revue at The Vogue (Indianapolis)
Thursday, Dec 22: Atlanta Latin Jazz Orchestra at Venkman's (Atlanta)
Friday, Dec 23: Yacht Rock Revue at Venkman's (Atlanta)
Wednesday, Dec 28: Scott Glazer's MOJO DOJO at Blind Willie's (Atlanta)
Saturday, Dec 31: Yacht Rock Revue at Park Tavern (Atlanta)

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