Beatles Sandwich

The flurry of gigs continues...this past weekend, Yacht Rock played a Beatles show Friday, a private Yacht Rock gig Saturday, and a private Beatles show Sunday, which meant overlapping gear, charts, and people. So...

Friday:  We haven't played a Beatles gig in a while, but there wasn't anything new, so it was a little rusty, but not too bad. At any rate, my parts are really easy, so half the challenge is in paying attention to which songs require my presence, and which do not. I play lots of tambourine (which broke not once, but twice!).

It appears that Facebook Live is something we're going to take advantage of from time to time. Here's our show:

Saturday: Yacht Rock at the Georgia Theatre in Athens for a private gig! The sound in my in ears was exquisite. I almost wanted to kiss our monitor guy. Not really (sorry Zach), but the everything was dialed in to perfection, and I had a good night because of it. Even the drive home in the rain was no big deal.

(the green rooms are five flights above the stage level)

just in case
Sunday: Birthday party Beatles show at Venkman's. Almost the same as Friday night, though the crowd was significantly older. They liked it, though!

photo by Mrs. KDC!

There's a big show coming up this weekend--our annual holiday show at the Variety Playhouse. You can check out a little of our rehearsal from earlier today (Tuesday), also on Facebook Live!

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