Indianapolis No. 1

Yacht Rock played a private gig Tuesday night in Indianapolis.  Following our usual arrangement, the gear (and the van and trailer and the Kip and Zach) headed north Monday, and we flew up Tuesday morning.

The event happened to be in the Fountain Square area of Indianapolis, so after lunch, several guys killed some time with Duck Pin Bowling (the ball is grapefruit sized, and the pins are half as tall).  Check the technique.

Somebody inadvertently used two balls, and they got stuck on the ball return.  We dispatched Kip to retrieve them.

So...the gig was pretty happening for a Tuesday night!  Nice crowd.  The room was dark and very hot, though.

No food was provided at the event, so we hit a gas station before heading to the hotel.

Lotta mustard.

Wednesday morning,  Kip and Peter took the trailer to Pete's mom's house for safe keeping.  We'll need it again for our next gig at Indy Laborfest this coming Saturday.  We regrouped at the airport.

Indy's airport, by the way, is super awesome.  Maybe if the Atlanta airport was less concerned about being the busiest in the world, they could focus a bit more on making it a slightly more pleasant place to visit.

The whole band was upgraded to economy comfort on the way home, which I guess was cool, though we usually request the exit rows, so the legroom was approximately the same.  The flight was only about two-thirds full anyway.  We have a few long flights coming up in the next two months, and I hope we get upgraded for those.

Random thought on the ride home:  If I fell out of the plane at this height, how long would it take for me to hit the ground?  Would I pass out and never realize I was falling?  Would I have time to call home?  It's probably better that I sleep on the plane.

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