Shade Fest

I had no gig Saturday night, but I played in Greg Lee's band Sunday afternoon at the Grant Park Shade Festival.  With the exception of Eddie and the Cruiser's On the Dark Side and Dave Edmunds' Three Time Loser, we played all originals.  Good stuff!  I don't even know how long our set was, but it really flew by.  I guess we had a pretty good crowd, tucked into the shade because it's still super hot in Atlanta.  Will it ever end?

Speaking of On the Dark Side, I was annoyed with myself for not quite nailing the end, and then I remembered that we weren't playing Yacht Rock and so it didn't really matter.  Trying to cop all of this stuff note for note has become something of a disease.

Anyway...check out Greg Lee's stuff on his website ( and buy his new EP (

Immediately following Greg Lee were the familiar faces of Indianapolis Jones.  Their music is so good that it made getting sunburned worth it.

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