Still Only in Saigon

I got called to sub once more on the Serenbe Playhouse production of Miss Saigon.  Bonus gig!  Right as I was walking from the parking to the pit, the helicopter flew by on its way to the staging area, and I got pumped about doing this all again.

I really enjoyed playing the show.  A performance can be a real test of what you do in practice--what sticks and what does not!  For instance, every show has a massive amount of flute, and it made me rethink the way I approached tuning with regards to lining up the third octave stuff with the first violin and the trumpet.  I also had to consider embouchure fatigue at the end of the show--stuff that doesn't matter at home!

In other news, I think I'm tired of fighting my clarinet.  I've had the same instrument since college, and I'm ready to investigate a different horn.  Some of the Buffet quirks that I've put up with for twenty years...I'm starting to think it's the horn and not me!  I feel good about saxophone and I feel good about flute, so why shouldn't I feel good about clarinet?

I also heard some stories on the break about guys who couldn't hold it through the first act and peed in bottles (this happened on a couple of other nights--not this one)!  I don't see how you could do that without the people next to you being aware of it.  Then again, I was so glued to the book and the music director that I probably wouldn't have noticed.

Moving on--I'll be at Smith's Olde Bar tonight, playing with Glen Pridgen:

And Greg Lee!

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