Naps, Eats, Beats

Yacht Rock played the Eats and Beats benefit at Buckhead Theatre Thursday night.  I think this was our fourth consecutive year of playing it.  There are never enough gigs in August, so I always look forward to this one, and it's an easy gig, and it's a Thursday night gig and I'm home by midnight, so...yay!

Like I said, easy load in, one set show, plenty of food.  The wait between soundcheck and our set is a good chance to take a nap (I took two).  Our show was a piece of cake, and I can't even gripe about the Buckhead Theatre too much--being on in ear monitors pretty much negates the vanilla sound and vibe of this room.

The playing was a little loose--it feels like we haven't played a normal gig in a couple of weeks (which it has been).  We're still a six piece band until Pete returns from paternity leave.

What else...someone in the green room coined the term food ghost as a metaphor for a fart.

Next weekend is the Yacht Rock Revival in Atlanta, so there should be lots to stress out about, plus we have an out of town show Wednesday night in Nashville, playing with Ambrosia, Player, Matthew Wilder, and Robbie Dupree.  Plenty to stress out about!

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