Yacht Rock played a corporate gig in Newport, RI, Monday night.  Tough trip!  We had an early flight  up and a two flights with a layover on the way back.  

Lots of cool musical things have happened here because of the Newport Jazz Festival.  This gig would not be one of them!

Monday:  Up at 5:30 to meet Nick and Bencuya at 6:40 so we can be at the airport at 7 so we can fly at 9.  Bencuya (my sax mule) and I boarded the plane and found our seats waaaaaaaaaaaay in the back.  Mine was right next to the engine.  Didn't the plane that cartwheeled in Iowa City throw a turbine blade, severing the hydraulic lines?  I had the thought that this one could throw a turbine blade and get me...and then I fell asleep.  My paranoia was conquered by extreme fatigue.

I woke up as we were making our way into Providence.  Sort of like Boston, you fly in from the ocean, and the winds from the bay made for a really bouncy decent.  Not much fun--it definitely felt like a controlled crash.

After an airport lunch, we found our ride (one of those limousine buses), loaded our gear and suitcases, and headed towards Newport.

The view from my room.  I could've gone for a walk out there, but I took a nap.

All set on a small stage in a gorgeous room right on the bay!

So...this gig was almost strictly background--kind of a corporate dinner/reception thing--not a wild party.  Three sets of trying to keep the volume and intensity low.  I think they liked it, though!  Everybody was really cool to us.  Easy, low pressure gig.

My room for the evening:

Tuesday:  we had a 7:45 AM lobby call for our trip back to Atlanta.  The limo took us back to Providence.  The first flight was to Baltimore, where we had a one hour layover.  The second flight took us back to Atlanta. I slept on most of both flights.

 I finally got home at 5:15 PM.  Long day.

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