Working Weekend

Another gigging weekend!  Check out the short version:

Friday:  the Yacht Rock Holiday Show #1 at Venkman's.  Not too bad!  I never quite conquer the holiday songs, but I'm getting closer every year.  I only needed a chart for one song, so that's progress.

The only other thing of interest was a new tune--Boogie on Reggae Woman from Stevie Wonder's Fulfillingess' First Finale.  Is it Yacht Rock?  No, but...I don't know.  I guess it doesn't matter anymore.

We also brought back Never Been Any Reason for an encore, but I don't do anything on that.

Saturday:  we played a corporate holiday party at the Delta Flight Museum.  I've been looking forward to this one for a while--I was desperate to check out the 757 that is the centerpiece of the museum.  Super cool.  It's difficult to judge the size of a jet airliner from proximity of the gate.  Walking around underneath (and inside) was really awesome.  It makes you reconsider the miracle of flight.

This party, like most corporate events, was a bit sterile.  The first set was kind of painful.  The second set was much better in terms of participation.  Nothing interesting to speak of.

However, on break in between sets...

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