Last Week's Gigs

Friday:  the second Yacht Rock Revue Holiday Show at Venkman's also coincided with the release of the next Star Wars movie, so we wore Stormtrooper costumes for the first set.

Kip wore the Darth Vader outfit.

This turned out to be a really good gig with a very enthusiastic audience!  There was also plenty of weirdness going on--especially the skinny girl who was fawning over Pete for the entire show, to the point where he couldn't look down for fear of making eye contact.  All the puppy dog eyes and hair flipping...weird shit, people.  Knock it off, especially when your husband is standing behind you.

Actually, keep it up.  It's entertainment for me.  I enjoyed the performance.

Saturday:  most of my week was spent doing prep for a Greg Lee gig.  The line up was everybody except Nick and Pete from Yacht Rock, plus Ben Holst on bass.  Occasionally, Greg would swap his guitar for Ben's bass.

This gig was at least as much fun as the previous evening's gig.  I played mostly keyboard on this one--I even took two organ solos!  Bencuya suggested that I play "that white Booker T. shit"...

An easy night.  Kip ran sound for us on this gig, so we even used the Yacht Rock in ear monitor system.  No amps, better hearing, and one keyboard + two saxophones = easy load out.

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