Kind of Blue

Last night was the inaugural performance of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue album by the Pleaserock Horns (Rob Opitz, Richard Sherrington, and myself) at Venkman's.  Nick (dude from Yacht Rock and co-owner of Venkman's) had asked me to put a band together to perform the record, and I thought it would be a cool idea to tie in the horn section that we use for the Beatles gigs and other shows where we expand the band.

I think we played really well!  No rehearsal and a ten minute soundcheck, so it was very much a show and blow situation.  I'd been writing out the arrangements over the past few weeks, and thankfully there were no huge errors in the charts.

The second set was mostly comprised of songs and arrangements from one of my favorite albums of that period, '58 Sessions (now reissued as Jazz at the Plaza).

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