Cheddar, Beef, Etc.

Yacht Rock played a private party Tuesday night at, of all places, Park Tavern.  Pretty regular corporate gig.  No fruit in the green room.  Boo.

In between sets, several people asked to have their pictures taken with us.

Then a dude with a pink phone totally moved in on my shot, oblivious to my existence.

More people.

Starting to get a little weird.

Is that a Blackberry?

Here's one of a bunch of frickin' dudes.  One of these fuckers kept yelling for Freebird all night like 1.  We've never heard that joke before;  2.  We might seriously play Freebird.  

Back to the action.  We have the meats.  Not much of a gig, though they danced enough to get us through the night, but just barely.  Definitely not one for the books.

The good gigs are coming up next.  Stay tuned.

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