Sunday was a big day--three church services plus a wedding reception.  It made for a long day, made longer by the fact that I'd spent the night on the bathroom floor, destroyed by Saturday night margaritas (happy birthday Mark Cobb).  Ouch.

The services were the same kind of thing I generally do on my church gigs, playing soprano sax in a generally improvisational setting.  Pretty easy.  The first two services had pretty big ensembles, but the third was just piano, one vocal, and me.  With a little more room to play, that one was definitely the most fun.  I got lots of compliments from all three;  success all the way around.  It looks like I'll be doing this gig (three services at the same church) once a month.  Nice.  I only have to wake up early every few weeks.

After a quick trip home to exchange gear, I was off to a Yacht Rock wedding reception for some friends of the band.  Not my best gig, let's just say.  I was certainly tired and mentally fried (and my corner of the stage was so dark I couldn't read the set list, the couple of charts I had, or see my EWI pedal on the floor), but I my playing was pretty shitty.  I had trouble everywhere in the set list;  I never could get in any kind of groove.  It was frustrating as hell.  I could itemize my mistakes, but I want to forget everything about this one as soon as possible.

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