Eatin' Beats

Yacht Rock had a repeat gig Thursday night--Eats and Beats, a benefit at the Buckhead  Theatre that we've played two or three times now.  A few chef bands (surprisingly good!) and then us.

I hit rain on the way down I-75 and had to stop at an underpass to get my gear from the bed of my truck into the cab (big fun).  It was still pouring when I got to the theatre.  With no sign of it letting up, I hustled all of my gear onto the dock as I got soaked.  Most of the other guys did the same.  It made me wish forever more for one of those cool bed covers that would keep my stuff dry and safe.  Someday, if we play enough gigs...Anyway, all my gear stayed dry, so no big deal.

We've had some really limp Buckhead Theatre gigs, but this one was surprisingly entertaining.  Maybe it was getting back on in ears?  I'm not sure.  We laughed through this one.  Easy gig.

My only mess (other than sound checking Arthur's Theme, which was a "what chord do we start on?" kind of brain fart), was a lick in My Old School.  It cracked a few gigs ago, and then I began second guessing myself the next time we played it, then I played "variations" on it, and now I can't remember it all.  AGGGHHHH!!!!!!

A pretty painless load out, four bananas snagged from the green room, and $10 for parking.  Decent for a Thursday night.

Next Saturday is a big day.  Get your tickets now!

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