The Dave and Dave Duo, back at JCT Kitchen.  The last time we played JCT, we got mostly set up and then the rain came, so we had to reset inside the bar.  Boo.  Playing inside the bar is HORRIBLE!    It's a concrete and glass box, and the people inside get louder and louder as they shout over each other.  Ellington and I are in agreement that we would rather forfeit the paycheck than play in there.  It's miserable for us, nobody's listening (they're all reenacting updated versions of St. Elmo's Fire), and the staff pretty much hates us for not playing something hipster approved.

So...right as we arrived on Thursday, a line of thunderstorms was bearing down on the west side of Atlanta.  We decided to wait it out for fifteen minutes.  Still no rain, so we began to build our set up, which naturally caused the drops to begin.  After back and forth with...a manager?...a bar back?...the guy in charge of the PA!...we negotiated to play outside but in the covered corner at the top of the stairs.  Perfect for us.  I wouldn't mind setting us there every time.  We had quite a few people right up against us until the rain finally passed for good, and then it ended up being a pretty comfortable night as they finally spread out on the patio.

We were a little rusty--I hadn't played a jazz gig since the last Dave and Dave gig (five weeks previously), and Ellington hadn't thought about these tunes very much since then either.  Still, the results were pretty good!  Check it out.

The next Dave and Dave Duo gig is Thursday, July 23, 6-9 PM at JCT Kitchen and Bar.

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