I spent lunch time at Georgia Tech on Friday, giving my time and brain to researchers interested in viewing the brains of improvising musicians.  After sliding me into an MRI, they had me sing a Charlie Parker tune and then improvise/scat sing for two choruses.  This alternated with imagining the Charlie Parker tunes and imagining the improvisations.  I'm pretty sure I fell asleep a few times, but the researchers didn't seem to mind or notice.  I made fifty bucks, too.

Here's a cross section of my head.

After that, it was off to the Park Tavern to sweat with the Yacht Rock Revue.  This one came close to selling out, which was nice.

Instead of setting the stage up facing the back of the building, the Park Tavern set us up facing Piedmont Park.  I think I like it better this way.  It's never made sense to me how the PA is supposed to hit all the people when they're three times as wide as the stage.

Lots of griping after the gig about the in ear mixes (is the honeymoon already over?), but I was cool with my mix, and I like leaving the Park Tavern without feeling like my ears had been hollowed out with a screwdriver.

On the break, our dressing room was overrun by...I don't know who all of those people were.  The security guy was new, and I don't think he turned anyone away.  Not impressive.

We haven't played Sara's Smile in a minute, and I missed the ending.  Forever in Blue Jeans was ok for me, and Careless Whisper was no big deal.

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