Searcy, Indy Jones, and Greg Lee

I played at Eddie's Attic last night on a few tunes with Greg Lee.

The opener was Peter Searcy (with Greg Lee).  Pretty cool, as Greg has told many, many Searcy stories, and I'd never heard him.  He and Greg have a great vocal blend, and Searcy's stuff has a lot of passion to it.

Next up was Indianapolis Jones, Nick and Mark Cobb's original project with Tim Smith (of Noel Gallagher's Highflying Birds) and Jason Nackers.  Outstanding!  Probably the best band in Atlanta right now, playing some of the best songs of this century.  They never fail to impress.

The Greg Lee Show rounded out the evening.  An excellent performance by everybody on stage (mostly Yacht Rock, plus Ben Holst on bass), though I really sucked bad on the piano part to Bencuya's Cartoon Butterfly, and played a gruesome wrong note in the first chorus of One Kind of Love.  I want to jump off a bridge;  then again, that's how I feel about pretty much everything right now.

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