A Casual Gig in Alpharetta

No Yacht Rock gigs this past weekend, but Mark Bencuya put together a gig for most of us at a friend's house--a birthday party and graduation party rolled into one.

Greg organized the tunes, and all of his picks looked great until we each realized we'd be learning somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty songs for the gig.  Ouch!  I'm guessing that Greg probably knew a lot of them, though, and Bencuya probably knew most of them.  Monkeyboy, Cobb, and I had a lot of charts to write!

I supplied the PA, so I got there kind of early.


It turned out to be a very casual evening, and we played very well considering that there was no rehearsal or communication about any of the songs (except for a little bit of "Which keyboard part do you want?").  We laughed a lot.  It was fun.

This was a party with local musicians in attendance, so several people sat in.  Heaven Davis sang a few with us (including the evening's finale, where we played a Pat Metheny-ish version of The Star Spangled Banner while fireworks were shot off in the cul-de-sac.

I always get a kick out of seeing Heaven Davis because even though I played on her album Steamy, she has absolutely NO IDEA who I am.  I even played her CD release party at 800 East, where I was first introduced to Mark Cobb by Clay Cook.

So...we finished shortly after 10 PM;  I was on the road by 11 PM.  Not a bad night!

We're doing it again (different backyard) next Friday, so stay tuned.

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