U2 in the Park

Yacht Rock's first Park Tavern show last night was a huge success!  In spite of the weather, we had a large, enthusiastic crowd and the band played well.  What more could you ask for?

The stage for this one was rotated ninety degrees, with the most of the crowd out in front and a smaller contingent behind.  Kip said that the crowd was so thick that he couldn't get to the front of house position;  he ended up mixing from behind the stage.

Our first set was all U2.  We hadn't played this set in a couple of years.  We rehearsed a few weeks ago (with the anticipation of playing on the Train cruise, but it didn't happen).  Surprisingly, there wasn't too much rust!  My worst moment was right at the beginning--I started the first song of the gig on the wrong sound (and wrong transposition).  Not my best playing.  Once we got into it, I was fine, though.

The Yacht Rock set was good;  we had a fun night.  At one point, I took a high five solo across the front of the stage.  Playing-wise, things were solid.

At the end of the night, a friend of mine remarked, "You guys are rock stars!"  Forty-five minutes later (as I was dragging my gear up the stairs), some guy asked me if we were the Schooner.  Fame is fleeting.

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