Dave Squared

David Ellington and I played our monthly duo gig at Sun in my Belly in Decatur tonight.  It was nearly a solo--traffic was so bad--it took me an hour and forty-five minutes--that I started looking for a bridge to jump off.  The situation was madnes;  it's a 24 mile trip, one that I made post gig in thirty-five minutes.

Once we'd played a tune or two I finally settled down.  What a shitty way to start a gig!

Anyway, check out our work.  New tunes for this gig were Driftin' (Herbie Hancock), Little B's Poem (Bobby Hutcherson), and Best of Times by our man David Ellington.

We're back there Friday, March 27, 7-9 PM.  Please stay off the roads that day.

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