Making Records

This is a light week for gigs, but I was fortunately able to fill in with not one but two recording sessions.  Both went well;  I am very happy with the results.

1.  Wednesday night, I recorded woodwinds for Patrick Kelly's upcoming record.  For this one, I played flute, clarinet, and bass clarinet.  Patrick built his songs in Logic Pro 9 and created MIDI woodwind parts--cool because it generates sheet music, but not cool because there's no one to say what's physically possible!  For instance, one song had a flute part that extended into bass clef!  In another instance, the computer wrote that every note in a section was anticipated by a sixteenth note--at the tempo, it was difficult to hear, but on paper, it was definitely not correct!

Anyway, once we'd sorted all that stuff out, it was pretty easy, and Patrick (and Bruce, the producer/engineer) were cool and open to suggestions.  I was relieved and excited that all three instruments were relatively in tune (always a big fear of mine in recording!).   I wish there were more opportunities like this.

2.  Thursday morning, I met up with Greg Lee to add saxophones to Glen Pridgen's newest project.  Glen's stuff was more straight ahead rock, and both songs had existing horn parts, so it was clear what was to be played.  Both songs were two tenors and bari--love that sound!   

One of Glen's songs had a solo, and I was really pleased with myself for playing something beyond a safe, pentatonic scale.  Kudos to Greg Lee for leaving a little jazz in a rock song!

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