Team Hidi

Yacht Rock played one of our favorite gigs of the year--the Team Hidi benefit, hosted by The Giving Kitchen.  It's a charity event put on by multiple local restaurants--everybody has a table and they let you taste their best stuff.  Good food everywhere you look.  It's a little hipster-y, but tolerable.

This year the event was in the Georgia Freight Depot downtown.  Nice looking converted warehouse with an easy load in and out.  I wonder why I haven't done more gigs here--I bet the last time I played here was in the 90s.

No Nick, but we had Ganesh (from the Yacht Rock Schooner) subbing for him--he did a fabulous job.

Mark Cobb, fresh off the plane from Los Angeles and NAMM (the big trade show for the National Association of Music Merchants), played some fiercely good shit.

No Yacht Rock stuff happening this week, but the Dave and Dave Duo (with David Ellington) will be at JCT Kitchen and Bar this Thursday, 6-9 PM.  Here's one from last week's gig at Sun in my Belly.

Saturday, Sazerac (a New Orleans-y based band comprised mostly of Yacht Rock guys) is playing at Smith's Olde Bar Saturday night.  You should come check it out.  There'll be a horn section.  I wrote charts.  We're gonna kick ass.

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