Trio Time

I had an excellent trio gig tonight with David Ellington and Craig Shaw.  I can't remember the last time Craig and I played a gig's been many years!  Anyway, both sounded terrific--we had a great gig.  The "others in the room" (you wouldn't exactly call them an audience, since none of them were listening) got a little loud, but the pay was good, the band was great, load out was easy, and I somehow managed to not pay for parking.  When I got home, Maggie chased me around the house and then peed on the bed, but just a little.  Not too bad for a Sunday.

If you just can't believe how good these sound, come see Ellington and myself (the Dave and Dave Duo) Tuesday, November 11 at Churchill Grounds (9 PM), or Friday, November 14 at Sun in my Belly (7 PM).  Stuff like this:

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