Yacht Rock played a corporate gig last night at the Fox.  Pretty easy, but not much to talk about.

We kind of got screwed again on food--not as embarrassing as last time, but still pretty lame.  I brought my own waffles and clementines just in case, and I ate them all.

We had Matt and Cole from The Shadowboxers subbing for Nick and Cobb.  I spent much of the gig staring at Cole, trying to figure out why he would never look at me.  He looked at everybody else all night, but the only person actually facing him...I got nothing.  My ESP was worthless, but it gave me something to do.

It's weird playing with a couple of subs.  All the songs sound like alternate takes.

Load out was a mess even by Fox/Egyptian Ballroom standards.  Not only were we competing with catering and decorations, but I think there main stage was changing things up and there were several stage panels in the alley.  I think catering told us we could get in the middle of their load out so they could get mad at us about obstructing their load out.  On top of that, it was cold and windy.  We had to walk all of our gear from the back door almost all the way to Ponce, around the trucks and through the trash.

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