Wedding Grinder

Yacht Rock played a wedding gig Saturday night for a room full of really good looking people.

Nothing in particular to report about this one.  Zach ran sound and Dustin Cottrell subbed for Bencuya on keyboards.  We learned Nightshift by the Commodores for this one.  I don't think it's going to be a keeper, though.

A little smudge at the end of the night:  a few probably drunk guests got on stage after we finished and demanded the mic so that they could sing and's never a good situation when the "We're paying for this!" card is played.  I'm sorry that Zach had to handle that situation by himself.  I don't think they touched any of our gear, so we got lucky.

Check out two new Yacht Rock promo videos:

Also, don't forget next weekend's stand at the Variety Playhouse!

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