Cink It

Yacht Rock rounded at last weekend with a Sunday night gig--the kick off party for Stewart Cink's Cink It Challenge.  It's a nice, easy night at a golf club in the back of a gated neighborhood in Suwanee.  Nothing much to report;  pre-show food was a bacon double cheeseburger;  post-gig party favors included a jar of Parker's Pickles.

Big shows this weekend!

Thursday:  Yacht Rock plays Ray's on the River's anniversary party.

Friday:  Yacht Rock plays Journey's Greatest Hits with former Journey frontman Steve Augeri at the Variety Playhouse.

Saturday:  Yacht Rock plays Michael Jackson's Thriller at the Variety Playhouse.

Sunday:  Yacht Rock headlines the last night of the Atlanta Pride Festival.

Monday:  zzzzzzzzzzzz.

For your viewing pleasure, here a couple of videos from last week's gig at Sun in my Belly with David Ellington.

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