More Gigs

The gig train just keeps rolling.  Yacht Rock was at a corporate function last night.  Typical stuff--we've played this same gig two years previously, so I guess we were undeterred by the absence of any crowd response whatsoever until the last hour.  At the end, they were really into it.  And the mayor gave us a shout out, which is usually probably hopefully cool.

A couple of other things…

Jovita Moore is even better looking in person.  Wow.

We loaded in at 4 (all seven us with all our gear), and were set on the stage by 4:40.  Then we waited as the sound guys did their stuff (miking things and running lines).  Waited…waited…waited…at 6:40 we finally had to bail on the first ten minutes of our soundcheck so we could eat and change and start playing at 7 PM.  Not cool.  Not impressive.

From this gig, we ran over to Smith's Olde Bar to close out Five Hundred Songs for Kids, performing James Brown's Sex Machine.  I think we nailed it!  Unfortunately, there were probably fifty people in the room.  Ouch!  Hopefully they made some money.  We played I Wanna Be Your Lover as an encore;  the gig ended with a whimper.  At least it wasn't crowded backstage.

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