The Folding Chair

Last night of the big revival…

I heard a few giggles about me and a chair from the night before.  The soloist for the revival used tracks Monday night for part of the performance.  When the first track began, I thought to walk off stage, but nobody else in the band moved, so I just stood there, clarinet in hand, staring at my shoes.  I thought, "One song and then I can go."  That song ended and I started to walk, and then a second tune began.  Agh!  Stuck for two songs of shoe gazing!  Halfway through the second song, someone came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder:  the pastor brought me a folding chair.  The second song ended and I looked for a sign that we'd all be leaving, but a third song began.  At least I had a place to sit for that one.

So…evidently I looked kind of uncomfortable.  It even came up in the sermon that the chair offered to me was an act of compassion.  Jeez.

Our last night was similar to Sunday night:  choir, full band, horn section.  Actually, we played with no trombone--I'm not sure what happened there--so it was just Paul Poovey and me.  That was fun--we play well together.  Some of the other things were very "seat of the pants"--songs that were called out after they'd already begun--but we played along just fine, I thought, doing our best to keep up with the music director and soloists.

Onward to Easter!

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