Fall Back to Earth!

Yacht Rock was back in action yesterday at the Park Tavern as part of the Shamrock Fest.

It was a long, cold day.  We loaded in at 2, and played 6:30-9:30.  In between, we hid out at the midtown Mellow Mushroom.

Our part of the show was the U2 set and then a set of Yacht Rock.  I'm not even sure if the U2 thing ever even happened.  Due to the run of show, we jumped on stage after the opener (Moontower), lined checked, and went for it.  Unfortunately, we were dealing with a substitute sound guy at Park Tavern, and about 1,000 people in the room with us.  The line check took an eternally long time while he chased a bunch of gremlins (a board that even frustrates the great Kip Conner).

U2 finally started, but I couldn't tell you anything about how we played.  I remember Monkey turning around and saying "THIS IS TERRIBLE!" but I don't know why.  I have no reading on how we did or how the crowd liked it.

After a costume change, we were back for a set of Yacht Rock.  The usual stuff--same set list we've been playing a lot lately.

While we were upstairs applying the polyester, some dipshit knocked my EWI off my rack, breaking the antennae on my wireless MIDI unit, and they just left the thing lying on the stage.  Thanks.  Perhaps you should pay more attention to what you're backing your fat ass into.

We played L.A. Linsday without any sax in the PA--we never got around to line checking the saxophone earlier, and once the tune got going, he couldn't locate it on his end (for the entire song).  Before we began Silly Love Songs, we had to bring the gig to a halt and find the saxophone.

I had the same kind of feeling about the second set as the first--I think we did fine and I think the crowd accepted it, but there wasn't much of a vibe.  We toughed it out until the set was over and then ran like hell (at least I did).

Sunday started early for me.  My AM church gig was OK;  I lucked out of playing on one tune that had handbells and the choir that had major issues with the time.  The other big song we did had little soprano sax interludes--a written part that went so low it ended in bass clef.  Up an octave sounded better.

Luckily for me, we played two services.  Double money!

My PM church gig was a snoozer.  I didn't play much--not much room in the music, and I didn't really feel like playing much anyway.  The piano pickup died, and I spent considerable time brainstorming about a better solution--how about a PZM taped to the inside of the lid?  I'm thinking about it.

Here are a couple of videos from the Rock Boat

Slow week ahead.  In the mean time, I'm on a big Sanborn kick--Bencuya gave me a copy of David Live, from the David Bowie 1974 tour.

Here are a few great 70s Sanborn features.  These make me very happy.

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