40 Watt

Yacht Rock made the trip out to Athens to play the 40 Watt--one of our favorite places to play.  All the usual stuff happened…sat in traffic on 316, loaded in, set up, sound checked.

In between soundcheck and the show, we wandered across the street to Ted's Most Best.  Good pizza.  Yacht Rock recommends it.  While we were there, the lady who books the 40 Watt informed us that our show had sold out.  Nice!

Our show went pretty well, I think.  We played two sets, the first one beginning with Baker Street.  I can't complain about that!  The first tune can be a little tough because in any room it takes a few songs to get comfortable.  Dannells wiped out on the intro to the guitar solo--the lights had gone out for a second, and he described it later as a Helen Keller moment:  he could neither see nor hear.  It was a little touch and go for all of us--I had to check a couple of times to make sure my sax microphone was working.  All of this, we later concluded, was the result of the packed room which ate up so much of the sound in the house.  We'd sound checked to an (obviously) empty room, and perhaps set our levels hearing the PA bouncing off the back wall.

Once we got going, things were fine.  I played well in the first set;  in the second, my mind wandered a little bit.  We had Daniel Morrison subbing for Mark Cobb--that changed the set list around a little and brought out some songs we haven't played in a while.  For instance, I couldn't tell you the last time we played Who Can it be Now?.  I pulled that solo out of my butt.

650+ was the overall attendance.  Thank you Athens!

In other news…videos from last Monday's trio gig with Tyrone Jackson and Kevin Smith:


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