The Final Countdown

Yacht Rock is in final preparations for the big event:  Thriller/Purple Rain at the Variety Playhouse.  It should be a really good gig--we're getting more comfortable with these special occasions (and having a week to focus solely on twenty songs helps).

We had a big rehearsal Wednesday night at Avatar--the band and the choir, all laid out the way we'll be on stage at the Variety.  I was seated next to the great Mark Bencuya.

We were super loud.  We took a break between albums, and I was shocked to hear (without earplugs) how cranked my amp was.  At the end of Lady in my Life we inserted a sax solo, and when I went out front to play it, WOW!  The loudest thing in midtown.  It was awesome.  I'm not sure how the choir handles the volume.

Last night (Thursday), we played a private event at one of the office buildings in Atlantic Station for Live Thrive, a company that helps companies become more environmentally friendly.

Office buildings don't handle lots of gear and catering coming through.  Horrible, horrible load in.  It would have been more efficient to hire a helicopter to drop our gear on the nearby terrace.

The office had some pretty amazing views.

This event was not well attended.  At one point, I counted forty-two people in front of us.  Thus, we didn't have much enthusiasm in our playing.  Mentally, though, it was a nice break from the stuff we've been playing all week.

Come see us play at the Variety on Saturday!

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