Sundays are church gig days.

AM:  Paul Poovey did a good job subbing on trumpet with us. Things were pretty solid--no train wrecks, and not much rushing by the horn section.  Good playing all around, though I played a couple of gruesome wrong notes.

A couple of slots where we normally would have played were taken up by a guest--smooth jazz guitarist Roland Gresham.  He did a couple of tunes with pre-recorded tracks.  It put the whole band to sleep.

PM:  The PM gig was ok.  I had a good soprano sax reed and a bad flute face (that's what happens when you haven't picked up a flute in two weeks), so I leaned more on the former.  I didn't play anything noteworthy, regardless of the instrument.

I must comment on the outfit of the lady in the second row.  Fedora, olive t shirt, pleated high waist camouflage pants, half a forearm of bracelets on each arm, knee high black velour boots with four inch clear stiletto heels and gold metal toe caps.  What the hell are you wearing?  Did you just come from a Duran Duran fan club meeting?  Hungry like the wolf?

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