Scream on the Green

Yacht Rock zipped up to Nashville yesterday afternoon to play a forty-five minute set at Scream on the Green, the last installment of their downtown concert series Live on the Green.  The opener was The Delta Saints, and Here Come the Mummies followed us as the headliner.

Any gig that begins with a crew loading our gear from the trailer to the stage is a good one.  They also ferried it back after we finished.  Very cool, though I have enough personal stuff (saxophones, EWI, computer) that I get nervous when the guys want to grab stuff and walk offstage with it.

We played for a bunch of people.  10,000?  I'm not sure.  A few weeks prior they'd had 15,000 for Alabama Shakes.  It wasn't totally full like the crew had described, so I'll guess 10.

Great sound on stage and out front (at least it sounded great for The Delta Saints).

Once we finished, we packed up and headed back to Atlanta.  Ouch!

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