Derringer and Primrose

More stuff!  Yacht Rock had a Friday morning (noon) rehearsal with Rick Derringer in final preparations for the Candler Park Fall Fest Saturday evening.

So…Rick Derringer.  The man, the myth, the legend, the Sloopy.  I have no opinion of his playing--I just can't tell which rock guys sound good.  Maybe it's because I have no feeling for what it takes to play the instrument, but I also think that the tone of the rock guitar disguises lots of elementary technical stuff.

From rehearsal, we loaded into the Grand Hyatt for a private event for the Primrose School.  Rumor has it they were going to try that "curtain falls/instant band" thing like we had Tuesday night, but it never materialized.  Thankfully…

These people were a bit stiff--it felt very suburban and upper middle class.  There was a great disparity between the talent and the, shall we say, well fed.  They were generally polite, with the exception of the woman who poked me in the side repeatedly while I was playing to try and make a request that I could not hear.

Anyway, the party went fine.  It looked like it was going to get rough when we had to follow a full dance floor doing Gangnam Style.  How about a triple shot of Bee Gees?  In the end, they loved us and we got away without becoming totally annoyed by the situation.  Ahh, the corporate event.

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