Sunday Gigs

I did both my church gigs--kind of a rarity due to other gig commitments.

Senior audio genius Matt Sheren made me sound extra awesome on my AM gig.  We had our usual hymns this morning before the two big songs of the morning, one of which happened to be an instrumental featuring the horn section.  Within that, I had a big honkin' solo, and Matt made sure it sounded really good.  I hope that next time the church will hire a spotlight operator.

In the second big song, the band was playing really well until we came back to reprise the song.  The vocalist went one direction, the rhythm section stuttered, and the horn section splintered.  The congregation just sat there.  Not what we were hoping for.  Oops.  Back to earth.


The ol' PM church gig was lightly attended by both band and congregation.  Two singers, piano, hand drum, and me.  I had a good reed and good flute face, and played pretty well.  Actually, everybody did well.  Yay for us!

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