Back to Normal

After last night's abomination, Yacht Rock was back to normal last night for a wedding at Callanowolde.  Billed as Constantly Awesome, it's the same personnel, but the set list incorporates Beatles tunes, 80s stuff, Stones, Springsteen, Zeppelin--a little bit of everything we know.  It was fun, a nice break from the 70s stuff.  Plus I got to fool around on the gig--I played rhodes on Wonderful Tonight and organ on Sweet Home Alabama.  When else would I ever get to do that?

Anyway, it was fun, and we all played really well.  Good stuff.  We played How Sweet it Is.  I've never transcribed David Sanborn's solo, but I can pull most of it out of my butt.  One of these days I'm going to nail it down.

Things are starting to heat up, calendar-wise.  Stay tuned for so more jazz and latin stuff.

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