Piedmont Park Quartet

I played a jazz quartet gig yesterday morning at the Green Market in Piedmont Park.  We made lots of fans--I gave away all my homemade DVDs and business cards.

The band was comprised of Louis Heriveaux on keyboard, Kevin Smith on bass, and Chris Burroughs on drums.  Everybody played pretty well, though 10 AM is really early to start a jazz gig.  I felt like I couldn't get anything going, and I tried to inspire the other guys to play more aggressively (which would hopefully get me going).  In some spots, it definitely sounds like we're at odds with each other--I'm going nuts and the band is really playing it cool.  In the second set, I think we got a little more together.  I always feel like I'm failing when the band doesn't read my playing as I think they would;  maybe I need to go with everybody else instead of trying to drag them in a different direction.

Here's audio:

 David Freeman Quartet-July 14, 2012 by David B Freeman


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