Odds and Ends

It's been a pretty low key week for me.  Here's a quick wrap up:

Sunday:  my AM church gig was cancelled, but I still had the PM gig.  It was pretty solid;  Beth sang with the group.  I had a good sax solo on one tune.

Tuesday:  I have a salsa gig coming up next week, and we had a rehearsal.  Usual stuff…I wrote out maybe fifteen tunes, only to show up and and find out that three of them we were no longer doing, but they chose three more, so now I've got to write three MORE charts.  At about an hour a chart, that's not cool.

Jose Manuel Garcia is playing piano for this gig.  I hadn't seen him in a long time.  He's a super nice guy and a terrific pianist.  Check out his website!  Good stuff.

We also have a really good bassist, using one of those Ampeg baby basses.  He really knew all the tunes well.  I was thankful that he kind of ran the rehearsal--no bullshit from that guy.

Thursday:  Yacht Rock rode out to Athens to do some work on our originals at Dave Barbe's Chase Park Transduction.

Two mixes from previous sessions were finished, and the rhythm section recorded their parts for the next tune.  I rode the futon for the whole day.  I also played some ping pong and took a nap.  My stuff happens next week.

Stay tuned!


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