No Sleep Till...

Ugh.  It's a week of not sleeping at normal hours for me.  Sunday morning, I was up early (after getting home late) to go play my church gig.  In between the AM and PM gigs, I worked in the yard.  That night, I stayed up until 4 AM working on Yacht Rock tunes for a Tuesday rehearsal.  I got up Monday morning at 10:30 and continued working for most of the day, finally going back to bed at 5:30 AM.  Tuesday.  I got up three hours later and went to my rehearsal.  I came home just before 2 PM, ate lunch, and went to bed.  I woke up at 8 PM, ate supper, and did some stuff (worked on reeds, packed clothes and gear for tomorrow morning, took a shower).  I'm headed off to bed now (2 AM),  but I'll be up at 6 AM to play CBS Better Mornings Atlanta.  7 AM load in.  Ouch.  I'm totally out of my groove.

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