CBS in the Morning, Huey in the Evening

7 AM load in at CBS Better Mornings Atlanta yesterday morning!  The Yacht Rock Revue was assembled for a promotional appearance, touting The Greatest Yacht Rock Revival in the Universe (August 18 at Park Tavern).

We've played several of these, so it's not really a big deal anymore--I don't think there are any nerves involved.

We did a few quick segments (going to commercial), an interview, the weather, and two longer segments (Maneater and Can't Wait for Summer).  Here's the latter:

CBS Atlanta 46

Pretty cool!  Too bad my solo at the end didn't make it.  Actually, maybe not.  I didn't play anything worth hearing again.

After that, I went home and taught lessons.  Yuck.

Wednesday night, Yacht Rock took a field trip to Chastain to watch Huey Lewis and the News and Joe Cocker.  Good stuff!  Huey played all his hits;  Joe had a better front of house guy.  Huey had three sax players (and an obnoxious trumpet player);  Joe had one.  Huey had a bari and two tenors.  Huey wins.

The first tune of the night was Heart of Rock and Roll, and when the sax player came up front to play the solo, he forgot to turn his microphone on.  Ouch.  I felt…exonerated?…it happens to other people, too!  Let's reminisce about a time when I did this in front of a lot of people...

That's about it.  Huey's front of house guy did a much better job of getting the saxophone in the PA.  Cocker's guy didn't bring it up enough.  Come on!

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