Just Like Johnny Colla

Since I mentioned it a few posts ago, I will begin with one of my signature moments of last night's Yacht Rock:  I forgot to turn my sax microphone on, just like the guy from Huey Lewis and the News.  And I felt just as stupid.

Yacht Rock played our monthly show at the Park Tavern to a whole lot of people (last month was over 2,000, but they vowed to cap it because the June show was more people than the bars or restrooms could accommodate).  I made lots of stupid mistakes like the microphone thing;  played things in the wrong octave (talking about the bridge of Baby Come Back and the chorus of Good Thing AND the synth hook on My Life).  I sucked real bad because I was very, very stupid.

The second set was much better for me.  I didn't screw up the solo to Africa, though I was holding on for dear life.

My new alto mouthpiece is awesome.


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