One of the Guys

I played my two church gigs yesterday…usual stuff.  No problems at either one.

After the second one, I headed over to the 5 Spot for the Marsapalooza, a benefit for Steve Florczykowski and Tafee Patterson to offset legal fees involved in the adoption of their son Mars.  Will Scruggs organized the entire event.  Good music and a good hang (because of Will and Steve's combined musical associations, it was mostly people from Event Performance and Kingsized).

For me, it was super cool because I got to hang out for a little while with some of the other horn players in town--I got to be one of the guys.  Will and I hung out off and on the whole night.  Paul Poovey was hanging out and I got to talk to him for second.  I talked to Gary Paulo for a little while (we have the Indiana U. sax studio connection).  John Sandfort (who was super awesome playing with Paul Garrett's horn band Bumpin' the Mango) and I hung out for a half hour afterwards talking/complaining about saxophones, and then we moved over and talked to Tom Gibson, and then Kevin Lyons came over, and Paul Garrett was next to him.  It was so neat, and it really meant a lot to me that even though we don't play many gigs together, I can still be part of the community.

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