Second to last Thursday 10 High gig for Yacht Rock.

We had a pretty full crowd last night.  They were a bit ambivalent, particularly with regards to the stage banter, but most people stayed all the way to the end--it makes the gig so much easier when there's an audience!

The band played well, and we had a really good time.  We had Daniel Morrison on drums and Kevin Spencer and Ganesh Giri Jaya subbing.  The only really rough spot to me happened towards the end of the first set--I played some big time bullshit on Takin' it to the Streets, and then we crash landed on the ending.

I've been screwing around with the levels on my EWI stuff, and I think I've now gotten my ENTIRE rig totally out of wack--things were all over the place last night (mostly too loud).  I think I really annoyed Hans.

No Jim Reindel this week, but we did get a Chris Cox showing, which has it's own thing.

One more week!


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