House Live, Indy Jones

I got back from the latest Yacht Rock trip, swapped out gear, and headed off to Ventanas for a House Live gig. It was supposed to be a three hour gig, but an hour of overtime was added.  Yay for the money, boo for the brain!  After about two and a half hours, I couldn't find ANYTHING.  Four hours was tough.

To make matters worse, my soprano was not working correctly.  The bar behind the right hand (the three right hand fingers pick up the bar, which closes the key about the top right hand finger) was messed up…or the adjustment screws for hitting the bar were messed up.  Anyway, my soprano was not happening.  I fiddled with it some, but I didn't play it much because of that.  I just had the horn worked on a couple of weeks ago, and I can't imagine why it's so far out now.

After a night of sleeping in my own bed, I had a recording session today for Indianapolis Jones.  I played tenor on one tune and bari on another.  Cool stuff!

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