Hamburgers, Fireworks, and Golf Tour

Yacht Rock went on the road last weekend on a string of highly profitable private gigs.

Friday:  Savannah!  We stopped somewhere along the way at a hamburger place, right across the street from the first Chick-fil-A.  Not the greatest hamburger.

Anyway, we crossed the bridge and played a gig at a golf club in a permanent tent.  This one was for Lawyers and the Women Who Love Them.  I'd say they were a pretty bland crowd (as you'd expect), but the gig was easy--two sets and we were out of there.

They did some kind of speeches/awards thing before that, so we hung out in a conference room/meat locker.  You could go outside to thaw but the bugs seemed to massing for an attack.

Fireworks over the river!

Saturday:  Columbus, GA.  We crossed the state to get to our next gig, stopping in Macon to eat a hamburger (my third day of this meal) at a nifty restaurant downtown.  Macon looks like it can't decide whether or not it's going to close up shop.

Columbus was a huge wedding--600 guests and 8 PM til 1 AM for us.  The venue was really pretty--daddy brought his checkbook for this one, and the people were really cool (except for the fat girl from Wisconsin) and really good looking (except for the fat girl from Wisconsin).  We had bad band food (but no burgers).  Later on, Greg and I sampled the desserts and discovered just how good chocolate covered bacon can be.

The gig was four sets--50 songs all together.  We did a couple of songs as an encore before it all ended, and they probably would've given us anything we wanted to keep going beyond that.  Thank you, but no.

Sunday:  Florence, AL.  We got up late and boogied over to Florence to play a 10th anniversary party at Turtle Point Yacht and Country Club for The Healing Place, a charity for children.  You can read about it here.  Any gig would be easy after the marathon in Columbus.  We loaded into a tent, set up, soundchecked, and ate BBQ.

fireworks over the golf course!

The first set was no problem--low key and low energy.  Before the second set was to begin, we got word that bad weather was headed our way, so we packed up everything and moved indoors with just a few pieces--drums (no toms, one cymbal), bass, guitar, one keyboard for each of us, one sax, and two microphones, all running through one monitor back towards us, and one main speaker.

It looked like it could be rough, but the "throw and go" of it gave us the adrenaline boost to make for a really fun gig.  Plus, when we finished, we were mostly loaded out!

No rain until we got to the hotel, but it was quite a show when it passed through town.

Up early on Monday and we headed home!  We left Nick so he could play a round.  Keep your base wide!

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