Ups and Downs

I had two pretty good church gigs yesterday.  The AM gig is coming together well--we've figured which voices in the horn charts we need to make the section sound good, and the leader is picking songs that work for us as a band.  More importantly, we've added Phil Smith on drums!  Super solid drummer.  I've known Phil since the late nineties, when he was in love with Kenny Washington.  Over the years, he's expanded his focus, and his pop/rock playing has strengthened immensely.

The PM gig was small but mighty, with just two vocalists.  No problems, though.  If Lopes ever gets around to repairing my soprano (which I gave him two weeks ago to fix), I might play it again on this gig.

In between, I did some less exciting stuff like finding guys for upcoming gigs.  I checked in with a local guy I'd used before via text, and he hadn't bothered to save my number and had no idea who was asking.  That kind of crushed my ego--I thought I'd played pretty well, but to him it was forgettable.  It also reinforces my feeling that I'm completely off the local jazz scene.  Bummer.  It makes me think that the guys who do play with me are there for the check and not the music.

I also had a random guy ask me about sending him my transcription for Us and Them (Pink Floyd).  Occasionally somebody asks after seeing me on YouTube…anyway, I told the guy that yes, I would send it to him.  This week, he asked again, so I got out my handwritten chart and put it all into Finale so it would be nice and neat.  The dude never sent me an email, so I ended up making a pdf of it, then saving the pdfs as jpegs, then emailing them to myself so I could save the jpegs on my phone, then texting the three pages to him.  All that, and I heard nothing in reply.  Thanks would have been nice…

The hell with that guy.  Here's the chart.  Send me an email and I'll send you pdfs if you'd prefer.

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