Dunwoody Beer Fest + 500 Songs

Yacht Rock had quite a long day Saturday.  Nick and Dannells flew in from Indianapolis;  the rest of us began our third day of gigging in a row.  We played the Dunwoody Beer Festival for the fourth time.  I think this is the first time the weather's been clear--usually we are huddled under a leaking tent.

Why anyone would want to stand in the parking lot of Perimeter Mall and drink beer in the middle of the day is beyond me.  People turn out, though, and we gave them three sets of music (our first set was our Dazed and Confused stuff, so I only played on half the set).  No problems.  Still no crazy bass feedback, which makes me think The Hamilton owes me some kind of monetary apology.  Get it together!

Anyway, we finished and it was still light out.  Yay!  I went home and unloaded all me gear, and then I started to get really tired.  It was tough to turn around and head out to Smith's to play 500 Songs for Kids. We were given Strawberry Fields Forever.  No sweat, right?  We do a slammin' Beatles tribute!  I think I got about eighty-five percent of my part (the trumpets thing, which I played on keyboard) correct, which sadly is one of my better attempts at 500 Songs.  Usually, I suck real bad..remember November Rain?  This time I only sucked on the first full chorus with brass (the third one if you're counting from the beginning…CHORUS, verse with flutes, CHORUS, verse with brass, CHORUS THAT SUCKED, verse with brass, CHORUS, tag, outro).  Right notes, wrong spot.  Booooooo!!!!!  We backed up a friend on Imagine right after that (me on strings, which I miraculously did not screw up).

Following (my) tradition, I ran out the back door and went straight home, tired and brain dead.  Why do these gigs take so much out of me these days?  Gettin' old?


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