Church Things

I did my two church gigs this Sunday.  It was kind of nice getting home earlier last night--I wasn't as tired (or grumpy) at church gig number one.

My AM gig is changing…I'm not sure where it's headed.  For the past year and a half, we've been half traditional hymn based stuff, and half more contemporary stuff with a heavy gospel vibe (which was cool because it left me some room to blow).  Now we're going between the traditional stuff and things that I don't know how to describe…here's the one we played this week:

I'm not sure how it's going over--this and the one we did a few weeks ago have a lot of production in the recording.  We did a horn section thing, but that big velvety wall of strings and stuff isn't there.  I'm not sure what it sounds like in the audience.  I do know that the horn section against the sound on stage feels really weird--there's pretty much no audible guitar, bass, or drums, so it's us trying to get something going with the acoustic piano.  Maybe it works out front…I don't know.

Whatever's happening does feel like a bit of an identity crisis.

The PM church gig was pretty low key.  I did bite my tongue when one of the singers started bitching about her microphone not being on.  It was on and it was coming out of the speakers, and I did check the input level several times.  I get the feeling she's trying to do something to round out her voice, and it's not not cutting through the way it used to.  This week, I'll let it slide.  If I hear more about it next week, I might be persuaded to do bad things…not immoral (we're in a church!), but there are lots of knobs on the mixer.

Another good week of gigs is coming up.

Also, for those of you who are not Facebook people, you might want to take a look at my YouTube channel, which has several recent additions.

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